yowLAB 27

yowLAB 27 will be taking place this Friday, August 24, 7PM at Arrow and Loon (located on Fifth Ave at Bank Street).  They have a great selection of local beers on tap! Please RSVP if you plan on attending.

Also, as you may notice, www.yowlab.wordpress.com has a lot of the content from the previous site up as well as some new posts (big thanks to Sarah who has done a lot of work getting it all set up!)  I hope you will all check back to the blog regularly as we hope it will become a nice way of continuing the conversations that take place at the gatherings.

  1. Sarah Gelbard said:

    I’ll be there.

  2. Sarah Gelbard said:

    In case you missed this week’s meeting, here’s some of the things discussed.

    _ Park(ing) Day 2012: Sarah is working on a few project ideas that could have room for public participation. More to be announced soon. At the very least, we are looking to set up last year’s park somewhere downtown.
    _ Pecha Kucha vol.6: Jeff is putting together his presentation for the upcoming talk. Hope to see you all there.
    _ Private projects: Discussed some personal projects and work under development.
    _ yowLAB on location: Jeff and Nico are looking into some possible interesting projects, spaces, and facilities to host future meetings including possible tours by the designers/architects. Stay tuned.
    _ yowLAB new website: Discussed progress on our new WordPress website and remaining updates needed including project pages, exec bios and contact, membership listings.
    _ fee structures and client communication: Interesting discussion on some common challenges of the business.

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