Pecha Kucha

For all those who could not attend, you missed out on a great night!  Not to worry, we filmed the presentation so look for that to be uploaded here shortly.

There is no substitute for being there for the presentations though, it was as if all of the creative minds in Ottawa converged on Shopify (previously Live Lounge but now so much better) for the night. It was a pleasure to be invited to present, and it was fantastic to see all the ideas and initiatives taking shape right here in Ottawa.  I would like to extend a big thanks again to Remco and Luc for the invitation and putting on such a great event.

I believe they are planning another one in October so I suggest checking out Pecha Kucha Ottawa in the near future for updates.

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  1. Sarah Gelbard said:

    Here’s my Twitter feed/abridged evening proceedings:

    Free-range brains from PrototypeD. No more force fed incubation. Just brain it.

    Lee Jones from Art & Science Journal: what is real? the experience or the recorded image? both?

    Marc Adornato mashes it up, torches electronic fish, and rips up and glues $2k to canvas.

    Jeff Salmon: Place for great ideas left over on the back burner to take shape. Fun waiting to be exposed.

    Andrew O’malley: the engineering of burying oneself in popcorn

    Ben Welland: shooting bands and Bushes. Capturing ear hair best with DSLR. Once blues are gone, the blues are gone.

    Highjinx: What it takes. Run like a garage sale. It just comes together. No boxes.

    Andrew Pelling: Bring craft back into science. Repurpose living structures. Total geek dork stuff. Curiosity driven science. Semi-living lego.

    Megan Smith: Rich real-time stories of cities via Twitter. #NBO12 turning city inside out for fun.

    Eric Chan: Traffic lights have emotions. Algorithm composed, manually recomposed art. Perform and collaborate with the machine.

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