yowLAB 28

yowLAB 28 will be taking place this Friday, October 26, 7PM at Brothers Beer Bistro (http://www.brothersbeerbistro.ca/) located at 366 Dalhousie Street.  They have a great selection of beer and I have heard many good things! Please RSVP if you plan on attending.

Also, the Pecha Kucha event that Jeff presented at went extremely well and was very interesting.  I would recommend everyone check out one of these events at some point as they are a great way to find out about local initiatives and homegrown talent who are doing amazing things around the City.  The video of Jeff’s presentation will be uploaded to the yowLAB blog this weekend for those who couldn’t attend.

  1. Jakub Ulak said:

    Hi Sarah

    What’s the meeting all about? A little background info would be greatly appreciated.


    Jakub Ulak, B.Arch President

    Surface Developments Ltd. 61 Forest Hill Ave. Ottawa, ON, K2C 1P7 tel: 613 255 5507 fax: 613 230 5282 http://www.surfacedevelopments.com

    • Sarah Gelbard said:

      Hi Jakub,

      In brief, yowLAB meetings are an open and casual forum for discussion about architecture, design, and urbanism. There is no set agenda. Check out our about page for more info about our group and meetings.

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