Future Architects: Overcoming Unemployment

At the last yowLAB gathering there was some great discussion about the state of the profession, more specifically where graduates and interns fit in.  A number of articles have been published lately noting the high unemployment rate of graduates and I also stumbled across this Arch Daily post that, when reading through the comments section, seems to highlight the desperation of many to find work – most do not seem to care where either.

I think this desperation stems from university degrees that have taken years of commitment and hard work to obtain only to hit a road block when entering the work force.  At the moment job opportunities are scarce; this is true in Ottawa as in most other places (or at least in the areas where I have friends, colleagues, peers).  Those who have jobs are fortunate and those who don’t are starting to look outside the walls of architecture while they keep their ear to the street.

The silver lining of this dark cloud is that there is still optimism about design.  These creative individuals that have found themselves out of work are looking for new avenues to engage architecture and design.  Though most are at the beginning of their careers and still gaining experience, while they work towards licensure, I think their persistence bodes well for the future of the profession.  The discussions of design start-ups and competition entries may end up being what the next generation of architecture and architects is built on.

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