Liveable Ottawa Survey

The City of Ottawa has a public survey as part of the Building a Liveable Ottawa 2031 project. The deadline to take the survey is March 1st.

Here’s the brief from the city website:

Starting in 2013, the City of Ottawa will begin its review of the strategic documents that guide the development of our city. They include the Official PlanTransportation Master PlanInfrastructure Master PlanCycling Plan and Pedestrian Plan. When completed, the Building a Liveable Ottawa 2031 project will set the directions, policies and affordability priorities that will influence the future of the city for years to come.

Help us build this great city! The community input will inform the decisions made by politicians and city planners every day, and is important in this master planning initiative. The policy directions set over the next year will determine how we live, grow, play, travel, and prosper as a city. Get involved and learn how these decisions not only affect the future of the city but also your own life in this city.

The survey includes questions on the following planning issues:

  • Affordability
  • Transportation Planning
  • Active Transportation
  • Land Use Planning
  • Intensification and Tall Buildings
  • Urban Design
  • Growth in Rural Villages
  • Infrastructure Services

Click here to take the Liveable Ottawa survey before March 1.

I personally had a few issues with the survey. The ambiguous interpretation of some questions made me uncomfortable. For example:

Question: Do you support or oppose a proposed height limit of 10-19 storeys for buildings located immediately beside a major transit station? (Terry Fox Station, Place d’Orléans and Bayview Stations)

My first response was to click on “oppose” until I realized it could be possible to oppose the proposed height limit either because you thought it was too high or too low. Survey participants with completely opposite opinions with regards to height restrictions will be lumped together in the survey response. I would hate to think that my vote for opposing absolute height restriction could be used to argue height restrictions should be lowered rather than open to assessment of individual projects.

I do support the survey and hope you take time to fill it out. I’m not sure how useful or informative the results will be. The more important point is that it raises questions and I hope it gets people talking about the city and planning issues.

I’m also interested to hear what people answer to the first two questions.

Question: What is your favourite building in Ottawa and what exactly do you like about it?

Question: What is your favourite part of Ottawa and why?

Ottawa Union Station, John. B. Parkin Architects (1966) I’m a modernist, what else can I say?

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