Design a walk for Jane

Dear fellow yowLABers,

Jane’s Walk Ottawa is fast approaching (May 4-5) and there is a call for walk submissions.

This would be a great venue for some yowLAB creativity, collaboration, and community engagement.

I know Jeff and a few others have talked about an infill housing walk in the past. I also just came across this “Nonsensical Walk of Indoor Spaces” in Chicago that could be an interesting model to develop. If you haven’t checked out Artengine’s Polytectures, it is also well worth a look/listen.

Please contact me ASAP if you are interested on working on designing a (few?) yowLAB walk(s). Submissions are due April 15th. I would like to organize a get together sometime in the next week for anyone interested so we can brainstorm and coordinate ideas.


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