Impromptu Playground at Children’s Festival, May 28 to June 2

yowLAB members Jeff, Katelyn, Kelly, and Sarah have an exciting upcoming project that builds on the success and playfulness of their swing and hopscotch installations, and Park(ing) Day 2011.

Impromptu Playground


Impromptu Playground is excited to announce its participation in the 2013 Ottawa International Children’s Festival.  The festival is an annual celebration of the best in live performing arts for children and focuses on enriching school curriculum and promoting the arts as an integral part of children’s education. Impromptu Playground has been commissioned to design and build a play installation as the first inclusion of architecture in the festival’s arts programming.

Here’s a sneak peak of what we have planned for this exciting event:

Impromptu Playground celebrates play in urban space through architecture and design, reminding us that play is possible and permissible anywhere and at any age. The dynamic maze is a play structure designed to inspire unstructured play. The field of brightly coloured, towering reeds and giant inflatable balls transforms the festival grounds into a playful landscape—a playscape—for children and adults alike. Architectural installation becomes performing art…

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