Main Street Will Become a Complete Street and Here is Why

A really great read about Main Street’s upcoming transformation into a Complete Street.

If we want to be the healthy city we claim we are, we must redefine the starting point. That is not a certain given amount of cars, but a given amount of space. The starting point has to be that space is finite in the city and that this space needs to be primarily designed for the people who live in a certain space.

Urban Commuter

Update July 17, 2013: council passed the proposal for Main street with 18 in favour – 6 against (Moffatt, Blais, Hubley, Desroches, Deans, Harder: worries about traffic flow from suburbia to down town and timing of reconstruction).

The City of Ottawa has active transportation high on the agenda. The highest priorities are pedestrians and cyclists. After active transportation comes public transportation. At the bottom of the pile is the car, the 3000 pound gorilla that has shaped Ottawa over the last 60-70 years or so. But the car’s hegemony over infrastructure is starting to show cracks. Rescue Bronson Ave has already shown that Ottawans are increasingly restless about the dominance of the car. Not that they are against it, but can it be a little less please.

Rightly so, because Ottawa’s 20/20 Growth Management Strategy reads:

  • A Focus on Walking, Cycling and Transit – Ottawa implements policies that favour walking…

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