Tactical Urbanism – just do it

Impromptu Playground

Came across this article which gives an excellent perspective of what it terms “tactical urbanism” – something that Impromptu Playground is very much involved in. It also addresses the way such projects and movements can shift from guerrilla, grassroots and gain momentum as they become backed by business and government.

Here are a few highlights but I recommend you take a look at the full article: “Newest Urbanism”, by Kim A. O’Connell for AIArchitect

Tactical urbanism refers to temporary, cheap, and usually grassroots interventions—including so-called guerrilla gardens, pop-up parks, food carts, and “open streets” projects—that are designed to improve city life on a block-by-block, street-by-street basis. . . these efforts give concerned citizens and creative thinkers ways to reclaim built environments, encourage pedestrian traffic and street life, and promote economic investment without being bogged down in big politics and strangled budgets.

It’s a creative, effective, and exciting way to respond…

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