yowLAB film festival coming soon

Archdaily has published a list of 40 architecture docs to watch in 2014.

I was thinking it would be a great idea to have a distributed film festival à la BLDGblog Breaking out & breaking in. The plan is you watch the film in the comfort of your own home and we meetup online/@pub to discuss.

I’ll go through the list and pick out a selection that are available for download on itunes, vimeo, etc.; set the calendar; and host an online conversation here on yowLAB blog and also schedule some to coincide with pub nights.

Feel free to submit your suggested picks and I’ll aim to get the list/schedule posted in the next week or two.


UPDATE (Feb 21):

I’ve run into a few issues finding docs that are available for online rental (in Canada). I think this is important to keep it affordable and accessible.

I will continue my search but will release the name and dates for the first couple films soon. Likely one to be scheduled before the next pubnight.

  1. Jay B. said:

    Distributed film festival is a perfect idea. But wouldn’t it be more effective to use some third party system for online conversations instead of a blog ? But the initiative is more than welcome.

    • Sarah Gelbard said:

      Any recommended systems?

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