LRT isn’t just about transit

I came across this article in the Star this weekend that makes some important and relevant points for us to consider here in Ottawa about residential development and the LRT.

It’s a well-known fact that it’s not possible to relieve traffic congestion by building more roads in a rapidly densifying city. Research has shown that when we add capacity to our road network, within a very short period of time additional commuters are induced to drive, leading to impassable congestion. . .

. . . If we truly want to reduce congestion, and if we truly care about becoming a more sustainable city, increasing housing choice and affordable housing near the places where people work should be at the top of our city-building agenda.

So when we think about the 19 kilometres of light-rail transit currently under construction on Eglinton Ave., running through the heart of our city, we will miss the mark once again if we treat this investment — and opportunity — as simply a transit infrastructure project, as opposed to a critical city-building initiative.

Read the full article:
By densifying Eglinton, we can fight congestion” Jennifer Keesmaat, Published on Sun Apr 27 2014

What are your thoughts about residential development (proposed or not) around LRT in Ottawa?


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