yhz modern city—check out BUILTHalifax

Our friends over at BUILTHalifax have a really interesting blog series on modern planning in Halifax.

Many Haligonians have recently been calling for the removal of the Highway to Nowhere – the Cogswell Interchange. Many know why it was built, however few probably understand the thinking that led to Harbour Drive being considered.

A few years ago the Canadian Centre for Architecture ran an exhibit called “The 60′s Montreal Thinks Big“. The exhibit looked at several large projects built in Montreal in the 1960′s, including expressways, office developments, suburban malls and slum clearance, and tie these projects to surrounding Social and Political Environments.

Using the exhibit as a model, it provides an excellent frame work for exploring several major Halifax projects of the same time period, including harbour drive (of which only the cogswell Interchange was built), the law courts, Scotia Square, and africville.

We will begin the series with the origins of 20th century planning theory, and then trace it’s development to the post war period, via the people and policies that led to the specific examples we wish to examine.

By doing this in a series format, we can tell a better narrative of the period then we can in a single post, since the background covers multiple examples.

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