yowLAB is a local group of architects, architectural interns and graduates, artists and designers. yowLAB formed early in 2011 to foster and support collaborations within Ottawa’s architecture and design community.

yowLAB meetings

We meet regularly to discuss project ideas and current events over drinks. Our hope is that by bringing together like-minded people we will be able to realize some projects that would otherwise be to much work or too expensive to tackle individually.

All are welcome, and there is no fee to join.

Meeting times and locations are announced here and through our mailing list.

yowLAB projects

yowLAB does not produce projects itself. Rather, we aim to connect members of Ottawa’s architecture and design community, and foster and support collaborations and projects.

Projects produced “via yowLAB” can be found on our project page.

yowLAB blog

Our meetings are always a stimulating source of conversation about a variety of issues and topics about Ottawa, architecture, urban planning, design, news, films, etc. We’d like to keep that conversation going between meetings and hopefully engage a wider audience to participate in the discussion. So we blog.

You can read our blog posts here. Comments and discussion are welcomed and encouraged.

If you have a suggestion for a post or are interested in submitting one of your own, please contact us.