All meetings start at 7pm unless otherwise noted. If you would like to join our mailing list to receive meeting announcements, or to suggest a venue, please contact us.


yowLAB43 2015.05.24 2pm Pour Boy
yowLAB42 2015.04.16 Clocktower Brew Pub (Glebe)
yowLAB41 2015.01.25 House of Targ


yowLAB40 2014.11.16 Corner Bar & Grill (Bank St)
yowLAB39 2014.07.24 Les Brasseurs du Temps
yowLAB38 2014.06.19 Canal Ritz
Les Brasseurs du temps
yowLAB37 2014.05.15 Erling’s Variety
yowLAB36 2014.04.10 Backdrop Food and Drink
yowLAB35 2014.03.20 Lieutenant’s Pump
yowLAB34 2014.02.20 The Celtic Cross Pub and Eatery


yowLAB33 2013.12.05 Earl of Sussex
yowLAB32 2013.03.01 The 3 Brewers
yowLAB31 2013.01.25 M. Arch. Grad Show, Carleton U



yowLAB30 2012.12.07 Pubwells
yowLAB29 2012.11.16 Daily Grind Art Café
yowLAB28 2012.10.26 Brothers Beer Bistro
yowLAB27 2012.08.24 Arrow and Loon
yowLAB26 2012.07.13 Pressed
yowLAB25 2012.05.24 Berryman Pub
yowLAB24 2012.03.23 Privately hosted
yowLAB23 2012.03.09 Sir John A’s
yowLAB22 2012.02.24 Privately hosted
yowLAB21 2012.02.10 Privately hosted
yowLAB20 2012.01.27 The Prescott
yowLAB19 2012.01.13 Grounded Kitchen and Coffeehouse



yowLAB18 2011.12.02 M. Arch. Grad Show, Carleton U
yowLAB17 2011.11.18 Rochester Pub and Eatery
yowLAB16 2011.11.04 Atomic Rooster
yowLAB15 2011.10.21 Fox and Feather
yowLAB14 2011.09.23 Fox and Feather
yowLAB13 2011.08.19 Fox and Feather
yowLAB12 2011.08.05 Fox and Feather
yowLAB11 2011.06.24 Fox and Feather
yowLAB10 2011.06.10 Fox and Feather
yowLAB09 2011.05.27 Fox and Feather
yowLAB08 2011.04.29 Lieutenant’s Pump
yowLAB07 2011.04.15 Lieutenant’s Pump
yowLAB06 2011.03.25 Lieutenant’s Pump
yowLAB05 2011.03.11 Lieutenant’s Pump
yowLAB04 2011.02.25 Lieutenant’s Pump
yowLAB03 2011.02.11 Lieutenant’s Pump
yowLAB02 2011.01.28 Lieutenant’s Pump
yowLAB01 2011.01.14 Lieutenant’s Pump

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